Monday, 5 December 2016

Suunto Spartan Sport

I have recently received the latest and greatest piece of gear from Suunto. The Suunto Spartan Sport, in my opinion, is the ultimate athlete watch.

My first impression of the watch is simply put as mind blowing. Once I had stopped admiring its very eye catching and sleek design and got into the features I was left speechless. I hooked the watch up to my laptop to set up my training modes and was very impressed with the preset modes that you could choose from. For example having multiple running modes such as track and interval. The option to make minor setting adjustments before you start the session has made it very athlete friendly in the way that you can change your GPS setting, auto pause function and even set yourself a goal if you are having a fun mess around session. 

The touch screen is very responsive even with riding gloves on. I ride with the Specialized wire tap gloves which is designed for touch screens however you still have full functionality of the watch with the three buttons which allows you to change screens, pause, lap and end your session. Along with the touch screen the watch now includes improved activity tracker and smart watch functions such as daily steps, calories burnt, and Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to answer calls and receive messages directly to your watch.   

In conclusion my first impressions of the watch is, it is a beautifully designed, multi functional, smart watch, GPS, activity tracker that is smart enough to wear as a casual watch and functional enough for all professional athletes to use. I am looking forward to discovering more about what this watch can do.


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